4 Pc Premium Pole Ten Year Limited Warranty

This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser on 4 Pc Premium Poles purchased after December 10, 2014. (Standard pole warranty is only 6 months)

When used appropriately and maintained properly, STATS Inc guarantees that this product will remain a good feather flag pole.. Normal wear and tear, oxidation (black dust) from poles rubbing, and general aging, which is common of any outdoor product that is exposed to natural elements, ie wind, storm damage, people damage, and other mother nature causes, is not covered under warranty. You also will need to periodically (weekly) clean, lube, and check for burrs. Bent poles is from Strong Wind or people, (not covered) you must take poles down before any storms. Use common sense and install in a safe location away from power lines, bushes fences and other objects.

Poles must be installed properly, with dimples as top of each pole set.
If not installed in this manner it voids the warranty.
Warranty does not apply to carbon fiber top pole sets, only the all aluminum pole sets.

To request repair or replacement, you must present original invoice, send us images of concern, and if needed return to us for repair or replacement. All Premium Pole sets are marked to insure they are our product, and no fraud is committed. All warranty Claims Subject to review.