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1. Feather Flags
2. Rectangle/Broomer Flags
3. Tear Drop Flags
From 8 ft to 14 ft tall
Hardware: Strong Aluminum Pole &
Steel Ground Spike.

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All our custom flags are printed in California. We use the higest high quality material Double Stitch and rip proof sleeves.
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Full color images and graphics can be added FREE. Hundreds of Clip Art Designs.
Many pre designed backgrounds to pick from.
Flags includes pole and spike.

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Own A Franchise which has Many Locations?

We have a Special Price for franchies companies that get flags/banners approved by the corporate office.

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Franchise Discounts

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After 12 Years of Research and Development, Our Flags Stand Above the Rest.

1. Feather Flag Material.

Feather flags are made of all types of material. It May be Poly knit or Nylon, there are many different qualities of material. Our Feather Flag material is meshed together tightly and thus reinforced to a greater degree to prevent rips from occurring. The Feather flag material is after all the foundation of the flag, therefore it is essential to have a strong foundation to have a great product.

2. Thickness of Feather Flag Materials

Majority of our competitors use under 80gm poly knit/Nylon material. We use 120gm! This makes our flags much thicker and allows them to last 2 to 3 times longer than our competitions. We also add a bullet proof sleeve on our Custom Feather Flags, not just fold the poly knit and sew the seam with a low quality thread, we double stitch edges so the wind will not rip with normal use.

3. Quality of the Ink on Feather Flags

Another field that our competitors fail is the longevity of the ink on their feather flags. Since they are using Dye Sub, their flag fades within a few months. Not only that, but due to their cheap quality Dye Sub ink, their colors are not as bright, nor do they stand the harsh weather around the United States. STATS uses high quality ink which easily last over an year. Even under the worst conditions (extreme heat and rain) our flags can easily last up to 12-18 months or longer. Our ink has been tested for many years and its curing processes has been perfected to allow our feather flags to last much longer then our competition.

3. Quality Hardware

We have more hardware mounts and stands than any other supplier in the USA. We stock here in Riverside, and ship out next day. Our poles are the best made to our specs and not make in China. Not many others can say that, they get those cheap poles from China.

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